Corfu 2017

Finally I´ve started written my travelling page woohoo :-)

I´ve wanted to go somewhere. I needed to get out of my routine and relax but I knew that I can´t relax when I´m home I just can´t do you have this feeling as well? Anyway I was looking for some vacation by the sea of course. 

I´ve found out a great trip via travelling agency for a really good price and all inclusive (which was a big benefit). I bought it on Thursday and we flew on Saturday afternoon from Prague to Kerkyra yaaay.

Here we go some photos from plane.


There´s quite short runaway, you can see.

And there are some photos of our room, which was nice and huge.

And photo of our hotel.

Corfu island is beautiful. It´s one of the greenest Greek islands with lots of hills. Next day we went to beach which was about 1 km far. Here you are another photos.

By the way it´s not me on the beach :-).

There´s the main beach which was about 2 km from our hotel.

I should write something about food. Okay so Greek food is about a lot of vegetables and feta cheese and also tzatziki which I love the most. There´s a lot of sea food as well. I ate a lot of vegetables and lost 1 kg from my weight - which is great when you are on trip, right? :-)

We´ve wanted to see more from Greek Islands and decided to go for one day trip to Paxos and Antipaxos - don´t ask me where exactly these islands are - please google it :-) Anyway it took us 1 hour from our place to get to harbour and about 3 hours by boat to get to Antipaxos which is island with clear water. But we weren´t able to get to beach and had to jump from boat to sea to swim in this nice clear water - we have this stop just for 1 hour (it´s really short time). But as you can see from the photos it´s like paradise but a fuck*** lot of tourists.

Some photos from Paxos where we had like 1,5 hour for exploring and than back to Kerkyra harbour.

I´m not sure if this trip was worth it. We lost one whole day and it was exhaustive. Next time I would not go on a day boat trip. It cost us 80 € together for 2 persons.

We spent the rest of our holidays at the beach and swimming pool and also night life is colorful.

We went on the last night to Irish Bar in Sidari and it was a great night - everyone who is going to Sidari should go to this bar :-)

I didn´t want to go back to Czech Republic but it was a great week and hope to see other Greek Islands in future.



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